In 2018, Humanity Crew launched its services in Athens, Greece. Our mental health team provides MHPSS and expert workshops in various centers and shelters for refugees. Our partner centers vary from community day centers, to women’s shelters, to shelters for unaccompanied minors.

Our operations in Athens are provided with a focus on the mother tongue of refugees and are carried out by a team of psychiatrist, psychologists, mental health professionals and qualified volunteers. Our service providers are experts in treating victims of trauma and conflict and are in a unique position to provide direct linguistically and culturally adapted support, utilizing their own social and cultural background.

The centers we work in are:

  • Hestia Hellas: An NGO that serves vulnerable populations in Athens including native Greeks affected by the strained economy and refugees looking to settle in Greece or other parts of Europe
  • The Home Project: Offers shelter, support and protection to more than 100 unaccompanied children in Athens
  • Khora Community Center: The Community Centre's aim is to facilitate shared ownership and active involvement by those who use the space and the local community and to create a space where people from a diverse set of backgrounds, cultures and languages can learn, work, create, socialise and relax
  • Mosaico House:  A shelter for vulnerable single mothers
  • Melissa Network of Migrant Woman: Aims to provide a safe space for female migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and local women and young girls in Athens

Currently, in all our host organizations we are responsible to provide MHPSS in Arabic for the refugees through community-based activities, focus group sessions, and individual sessions. In order to understand how we do this in the centers in more details, please read more here.