Awareness and Research:

In an effort to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of our mental health interventions, raise awareness about the mental health of refugees, and strengthen local community building, Humanity Crew continuously undertakes research and evaluation measures, as well as works hard to raise awareness both in small communities and larger international conferences and forums. We strive to generate evidence that will directly improve practice and policy in the field of refugee mental health and strengthen the conversation around mental health in various forums.

Raising Awareness:

Mental health is marginalized and stigmatized in our daily life, and so in turn, one can imagine the situation in crises zones. Most of the awareness campaigns, as well as humanitarian efforts, focus on the material and medical needs of the refugees, leaving the mental health needs behind, unspoken and untold. Towards this end, we have been active in raising awareness on a global level in regards to the current mental health status of the refugees and the importance of mental health support in crisis zones. We have held countless talks in schools, embassies, conferences, and private NGOs on the importance of mental health support for refugees and we will continue to take part in global conferences, forums, panels, lectures and workshops and raising awareness about the importance of mental health aid for people in crisis as a main and necessary component of humanitarian aid until we see our goals accomplished.

Raising Awareness

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Community Building:

When we began our first mission in Greece, we, in parallel, began our work within our local communities. As an ambitious non-governmental non-profit grassroots civil society organization composed of mainly professionals who hail from first or second-generation refugee families, Humanity Crew shares a sense of understanding towards the refugee crisis and uses its staff and volunteers’ history and skills to provide advised and targeted support, and simultaneously mobilize local campaigns toward an egalitarian society.

Humanity Crew’s activities of recruiting, training, and deploying mental health professionals and qualified volunteers to deliver psychosocial relief to refugees, expert trainings for service providers and cultural mediation in Greece is supported by the activities and awareness we dedicate ourselves to in smaller communities. Working toward a community of leaders, we strongly believe in capacity building, uplifting society through awareness, empowering those who have been failed by the system, strengthening the youth, and providing a safe space for those who want to give back to their community.

We work with targeted audiences (women, youth, general populations, civil societies, NGOs, etc.) in schools, community centres, organizations, and workplaces for all audiences aimed at raising awareness and encouraging the public to wield their power and their history into influence and positivity with the aim of creating a stronger more united community of leaders.