Joseph Atrash

CEO and founder of a kid’s safe edutainment platform

Joseph is an entrepreneur and social activist. Through his work at his latest startup, Joseph became one of the most influential figures within kids digital content and kids’ online safety in the MENA region. In turn, this has led him to win many awards for his work. Joseph has been serving as the Chairman of Humanity Crew since 2015.

Jouna Khalil

Bio-medical engineer and co-founder of a grassroots initiative promoting women

Jouna holds a BSc in biomedical engineering and an MA in system engineering. She is a co-founder of a grassroots initiative aimed at promoting the participation of Arab women in high-tech. Jouna is vastly active as an entrepreneurship promoter and has been a Humanity Crew board member since 2017.

Areen Abdi

Social activist with ample NGO experience

Areen studied drama and has worked as an actress and a director of performances. More recently, Areen has worked for NGOs as a programs coordinator and has valuable experience within civil society organizations. She has also been a long-term activist within her own community in issues concerning social and political affairs. Areen joined Humanity Crew’s board in 2016 and has been an invaluable friend to the organization.

Wahid Asakli

Entrepreneur and owner of an art gallery café

Wahid is a social activist and owner of a renowned restaurant and art gallery. He is also a film producer, and in the past was the head of the Arab Students Union at his university. Wahid is dedicated to Humanity Crew’s mission and has been supporting its efforts since its creation in 2015 as a board member.

Hiba Abu Zarad

Biomedical Engineer

Hiba holds a BSc in biomedical engineering and is an active member in her community, volunteering in her free time by lending a hand to local programs. One of her previous participation was with a charity organization established by a group of Arab women to help people in need. Hiba joined Humanity Crew’s board in 2017.