Diavata Trauma-Informed School

Status: Completed

Start day: March 1, 2016End day: June 1, 2017

Funded by: Crowdfunding

Location: Diavata Refugee Camp, Northern Greece


About the Project:

Working in a developing-refugee-camp where there were no adequate infrastructures and resources made the effort to provide mental health services very challenging and difficult. The crisis in Northern Greece developed as a result of the EU-Turkey deal and the closure of the borders in that region. As one of the first responders in 2016 in Northern Greece, we established the “Diavata Trauma-Informed school” after discovering the huge need for mental health interventions. Our project used the educational infrastructure as a tool to bring normality to the lives of the children in the camp. The school was also a safe space where we can detect, prevent, and treat children who suffer from traumatic stress.

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