Expert workshops & trainings:

Humanity Crew holds workshops and trainings to targeted audiences (women, youth, general populations, civil societies, NGOs, etc.) in schools, community centers, organizations, and workplaces for all audiences aimed at raising awareness and encouraging the public to wield their power and their history into influence and positivity, as well as to network and explore potential collaborations. Moreover, most of the mental health professionals working in the field come from different cultural backgrounds than the refugees and use an interpreter to communicate with them during sessions. While there is a general lack of mental health professionals, many of those who do work in the field do not have experience working with individuals suffering from severe mental health disorders. Many interpreters lack professional training in mental health, which often results in ineffective treatment. Our expert workshops and trainings are used as tools in order to build the capacity and cultural sensitivity of professionals working with refugees in the field. The goal of these workshops is to equip mainly mental health professionals and field workers with a strong understanding of the refugee’s cultural background and the tools necessary to address severe mental health issues resulting from violence, displacement and trauma.

Below is a list of workshops:

1. Cultural Aspects in Death, Grief, and Bereavement
2. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Grief
3. Children and Traumatic Stress
4. Exposure Therapy Basic Training
5. Case Studies, Dilemmas and Conflicts in Working with refugees
6. EMDR Basic Training
7. Anxiety, Hysteria, and Panic Attacks
8. Sexual Harassment Training Workshop
9. Building a Functioning Heterogeneous Community
10. Trauma and the Disorganized Attachment in Refugee Children
11. Psychological First Aid (PFA)
12. Skills for Psychological Recovery (SPR)
13. Strengthening Personal Resilience
14. Suicide and Self Harm Intervention and Prevention Training
15. Empowering Workshop for Women Refugees
16. Sensitivity Training for Women Focused Care-Service Providers
17. Interpreters in Mental Health

If your school, community center, organization, institute, or workplace is interested in receiving any of these workshops or trainings please write to us at: