Lutof Zreik


I volunteered with Humanity Crew During April 2016 in Thessaloniki. 

My experience during that period was very intense, the people I met there and the help we've offered them will never leave my memory. I still remember the time we helped a Syrian lady - in her mid 60s - and her daughter (the only family member left from the war), to get into a safe place and away from the tent they were assigned to in the refugee camp, which was filled with 8 men bothering them constantly. The moment we walked the lady to her new room in a safe place, she didn't stop crying thanking us for the effort. We've done so many small things on a daily basis that meant the world to the refugees.

I'm very thankful to Humanity Crew that they have given me this chance as its been truly fulfilling. Their work is sacred and unique for the fact that they offer psychosocial support which holds a major factor in the rehabilitation of the refugee communities after they have been traumatised for life, kids and elderly equally. I felt that investing in this kind of support is of unique and major contribution (while very little or no other organisations doing it) as it helps shaping the future of their new lives.
I'll never forget my volunteering with Humanity Crew, and I hope many more people will be able to volunteer with them and help them reach the full potential of what they wish to offer to the refugees.