Madelyn Mousa


I have been wanting to get involved in the refugees' crisis for a long time, yet I haven’t found the right medium for me to do it. When I participated in the Humanity crew's training sessions I found an inspiring and professional team that I wanted to work with.

Volunteering with refugees in Athens was an eye-opening experience, the things I learned during those four weeks could not have been passed to me by someone else. Through getting to know refugees and learning about the centers' work with them I realized how complex their situation is and how singular each person's story is. It had also proved to me something I already knew – we humans are far more alike than different.

Humanity crew provided me with an open space to use my skills and allowed me to plan my own projects and to be creative in my volunteering. They were very open to any idea I had and were there to help me execute it. Through my projects on preventive medicine I was able to connect with refugees from different corners of the world and by connecting I was able to contribute.

I now come back home with more awareness and understanding of the refugees' crises. This has been an incredible introduction for me to a field I want to continue being involved in throughout my career.

June 2019