Our work is implemented by enabling mental health professionals and qualified trained volunteers to serve at the forefront of humanitarian crises. Our professionals and volunteers are trained and offer a holistic intercultural tailored support, suitable for each step of the refugee journey. We do this through the “Inverted Pyramid” method through three main levels which allows us to provide holistic support to the entire community, aiming to leave no one behind.

First Level: Community Based Activities

Our professional and qualified volunteers start working with the whole community of refugees in our host organization, as we aim to strengthen the sense of “regular life” among them by restoring order in the midst of the chaos and to establish the future therapeutic alliance with our professional team. This strengthens the feeling of control over their own lives, reducing their feelings of helplessness and uncertainty, and activates them as a community.

Second Level: Focus Group Sessions

The activities are addressed to various focus groups, depending on the need of the host organization: women/dyadic groups/men/elderly/etc. We aim to improve the general wellbeing of the different groups according to their specific needs that were observed during our community-based activities. Our mental health professionals help the refugees to alleviate their pain and suffering and provide them with tools to assist them to recover and regain the ability to resume their lives towards a healthy integration process.

Third Level: Individual Sessions

The third level addresses the most vulnerable cases among the refugees and includes individual counselling, psychiatric consultations and case management. We aim to improve the functionality of the refugees, making them an active part of society, improving their psychological distress signs and symptoms (sleep quality/ appetite/ mood), and improving their general wellbeing. This is done in coordination with the existing team of our host organization and is always done in the mother tongue of the refugee with no interpreter present.