Because of our belief that holistic therapy needs to be on the forefront of humanitarian crises and any delay in treatment will cause harm, we launched our Online Clinic.

Our Online Clinic, launched in 2018, is a network we run of mental health professionals who are willing to provide online support to displaced populations around the world through the web (Tele-Therapy). It was designed for vulnerable cases that are out of reach to us from a geographical point of view, and who are in need of continuous MHPSS support. Additionally, we provide this service for refugees who were previously treated by us and are now relocated to other camps, centers and countries and cannot be reached physically by our team on the ground. Currently, this service is only applicable to personal referrals from our partner organizations or people we have previously worked with before. Through our clinic we are able to reach people who are suffering and do not have access to mental health support, whether it is due to the lack of mental health professionals in the field, language barriers or geopolitical restrictions. Moreover, the importance of continuity in therapy is a fundamental component in psychosocial support, and it is a way for us to continue our support for vulnerable cases that have been relocated. Furthermore, the remote work we do through our clinic enables more professionals who cannot volunteer on the ground and are from different geographical locations and speak different languages to provide intercultural support without any boundaries.