Our Board


CEO and founder of a kid’s safe edutainment platform

Joseph is an entrepreneur and social activist. Through his work at his latest startup, Joseph became one of the most influential figures within kids digital content and kids’ online safety in the MENA region. In turn, this has led him to win many awards for his work. Joseph has been serving as the Chairman of Humanity Crew since 2015.


Senior lecturer at the University of Haifa, Faculty of Law

Itamar Mann is a legal scholar with expertise in refugee and migration law and a human rights lawyer with a decade of experience responding to violations in multiple parts of the world. His scholarship has appeared in leading journals, and his book, Humanity at Sea: Maritime Migration and the Foundations of International Law, appeared with Cambridge University Press in 2016. He holds an LLB from the Faculty of Law and LLM and JSD degrees from Yale Law School. He has taught at Georgetown Law Center, Washington DC, and at the Center for Transnational Legal Studies in London. He is currently a member of the University of Haifa, Faculty of Law.


Physician, entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist

Adel B Korkor, M.D. is an Arab American physician, entrepreneur, inventor and philanthropist. He is the founder of AB Korkor Foundation for Mental Health. In 2017, he stepped down from his clinical practice to dedicate much of his time, energy and resources to the needs of patients who are suffering from mental illness. He believes in the power of physical health and exercise in mental health, hence he established the annual "Five Fifty Fifty run/walk series for your mental health". Joined by thousands of participants in 2018 and 2019, he ran the 5 K in all fifty states in fifty days and plans on doing the same this year. He also strongly believes in early detection and intervention to address mental health illness.


Manager of Rand association centers for mentally challenged people

Rand has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Haifa University, and another in Psychoanalytic Developmental Psychology from the Anna Freud Centre and University College London.

She joined Humanity Crew last year as the head of the Research Unit, focusing on issues pertaining to the refugees' mental health. Additionally, she serves as Humanity Crew’s Mental Health Coordinator, providing support and counseling to volunteers working in the field. Rand embraces Humanity Crew’s cause and is extremely committed to present refugees and survivors with much needed psycho-social support to relieve their emotional distress.


An experienced Technologist who works as a Senior Solutions Specialist at Microsoft

Holding a Bsc in computer science, an MBA, and 10 years of business experience, Alaa has an active part in creating a diverse and inclusive Hi-Tech industry in Israel. He has been instrumental in social activism in the field of equal employment for Arabs as he participated in several steering committees and round tables with companies such as Kav Mashve, and Ma'antech. Alaa was also involved as a mentor at diverse Hackathons at Tsofen, Hasoub, eBay startup cup & more, and he also gave several talks about technology and career growth with the UK tech hub. He is the technical advisor of Humanity Crew in numerous aspects such as technological development across online platforms, online clinics, trainings, and working remotely.


Biomedical Engineer

Hiba holds a BSc in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA in Management of Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Hiba is an active member in her community, volunteering at AWSc (Arab Women and science and Engineering) association for the past 4 years, and CEO of 2021. AWSc promotes equal opportunities for women in the academy as well as in the tech industry in science and engineering fields. Hiba joined Humanity Crew’s board in 2017.

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