Humanity Crew values all partnerships it has created in the past few years with different organizations. We are always open and welcome to new partnerships.

These are, or have been our partners since 2015:

  • Omprakash
  • ACSAR Foundation
  • Kahane Foundation
  • TED
  • TED Fellows
  • Proactiva Open Arms
  • CCFD
  • The McQuade Foundation
  • Mossawa Center
  • WHO
  • A4ID
  • Hestia Hellas
  • Welcommon
  • Mosaico House
  • The Unmentionables
  • Melissa Network for Migrant Women
  • Khora Community Center
  • Velos Youth Center
  • Project Hope (with Bank Street College in New York and Translators Without Borders)
  • Diavata Camp
  • Elpida Center
  • Floxenia Housing Project
  • Moria Camp
  • Kara Tape Camp
  • Sheraa El Amal
  • Kinder USA
  • Cornell University

(*) Please note: each partnership has contributed differently to Humanity Crew. These include all organizations we have previously worked with, have done projects with, received support in legal aid or membership forums, and/or have funded us in the past.