We run tailor made trainings every two months in our headquarters in order to train and deploy professional volunteers in the locations we work in which have previously included shores, boats, hospitals, camps, centers, shelters, and various refugee communities. We have provided 200 hours of trainings to over 1,000 mental health professionals and volunteers so far. Our trainings empower people to take effective action towards the refugee crisis and render their own history and skills into knowledge, power and active work. So far, we have deployed 223 mental health professionals and qualified trained volunteers in Europe, providing over 26,000 hours of mental health support to an estimate of over 10,000 refugees.

Our trainings are led by mental health experts who provide insight to the participants on various subjects, including but not limited to: the importance of volunteering / tools for group activation / the refugee situation in Europe, especially Greece, at the moment / our mission, vision and birth / the situation and type of work of the camps, shelters, and day centers that we work in / the psychological situation of refugees in different stages and how to deal with each one, particularly psychological trauma, anxiety and despair / building the psychological immunity of the volunteer and psychological attachment to the refugees and their issues / and the professional ethics and rules of volunteering.

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Insights From The Field

Mohammad Ali Ilahi - December 2018

Claudia Heeyoon Ro - Jan 2019