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The Co-Founder of Humanity Crew, Maria Jammal, wins the Princess of Girona Foundation International Award


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Clinical Psychology at Ashoka University Blog Post

101 persons in a rubber boat was rescued by Proactiva Open Arms ONG in the Mediterranean Sea, 60 miles from Al-Khums, Libya. 
In the rubber boat was people from Somalia, Nigeria, Mali, Guinea Conakry, Sudan, Ivory Coast, Niger, Camerun, Libya, Egipt and Yemen. 
18 february 2018. 
Photo: Olmo Calvo

Der Freitag – Rettet Ihre Seelen


Viento Sur- “Europa está siendo testigo pasivo de una catástrofe de salud mental que le afectará directamente”


Cornell University | CIPA Capstone Team Studies Refugee Camps in Greece: On-the-Ground Research offers Eye-Opening Experience


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National Geographic | After Fleeing War, Refugee Children Face Lasting Psychological Trauma

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