Our Team



CEO & Co-Founder

Maria is the CEO of Humanity Crew, as well as one of the co-founders. A lawyer in profession, Maria is an active member and campaigner for minorities’ rights and women’s rights in her local community. In the past few years, Maria has also become an active refugee mental health advocate and has spoken in many conferences and forums on the importance of mental health support for refugees. Maria’s job in the organization is to overlook all projects and finances, setting the organization’s strategy and direction, monitoring the organization’s values and behavior, building and leading the managerial team, and allocating capital for the organizations, amongst many other thing.



Mental Health Director & Co-Founder

Essam is the mental health director of Humanity Crew, as well as one of the co-founders. A psychiatrist in profession, Essam specializes in child and adolescent psychiatry and graduated from psychoanalytic school. He is an avid refugee mental health activist and researcher who has spoken in countless conferences and media outlets all over the world advocating for the importance of mental health support for refugees. In 2018, he became a WHO mental health expert team member, and a TED Fellow. Essam’s job in the organization is to overlook all mental health work done by our experts and our volunteers, lead and do field research, write reports on our findings, advice the organization with the proper mental health approaches to various subjects, runs the volunteer trainings, and raises awareness globally on the subject of mental health of refugees. Essam also overlooks all projects, alongside Maria, and ensures that they are medically correct and adaptable.



Training Program Director

Mohammad is Humanity Crew’s training and mental health counsellor. A psychologist in profession, Mohamed is an emergency intervention specialist and specialized in trauma therapy, treating the victims of sexual abuse, treating children with inappropriate sexual behaviours, and in working with children in distress and guidance.

Mohammad also trains professionals in how to work with children in distress both locally and internationally. He is one of the co-founders of Humanity Crew and is responsible for the mental health trainings given to the volunteers and is the guidance counsellor to Humanity Crew’s mental health professionals and volunteers during their deployment.



Programs Coordinator

Yara is Humanity Crew’s programs coordinator. She is a child and adolescent psychologist who is trained in behavioral therapy and using assistive technology to help people with multiple disabilities. She has previously worked with children and teenagers at risk and took part in the non-formal education field as coordinator of activities empathizing social values, equality, and justice with different youth movements. Yara's previous achievements include an early childhood development programme for refugee children, providing psychosocial support to children and their parents, support groups for women, individual counselling sessions and community building groups with unaccompanied minors. She also runs workshops and trainings to support volunteers and volunteer coordinators, focusing mainly on the importance of self care.


Rula Khalaily

Office Administrator

Rula is Humanity Crew's office administrator,  she holds a Bachelor's degree in English literature and gender studies, is an educator in critical political education, and is a yoga instructor.
Rula is also an activist in the human rights field, especially for women and sexual minorities.
In Humanity Crew's office, Rula handles a variety of office tasks, provides administrative support, manages financial issues and prepares all arrangements related to volunteer training workshops.

photo - Caterina Romagosa


Field Coordinator

Caterina is Humanity Crew’s field coordinator. She holds a Bachelor's degree in health Psychology and is trained in Psychological first aid and leisure counselling for children and adolescents.
Caterina's experience includes working with children, adolescents and their families in the non-formal education field, providing developmental and learning support through community-based activities and enhancing social and environmental consciousness.
Caterina's role in Humanity Crew is coordinating and holding Psychosocial support programs for adults and children exposed to trauma, providing community-building activities, English classes and yoga sessions.




Communications Officer

Claudia is Humanity Crew's Media Coordinator. Her passion and determination to help the most vulnerable have led her to recently earn a Master's degree in Public Administration with a concentration in human rights and social justice from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs at Cornell University, United States. Claudia has been closely involved with Humanity Crew's work during her entire program at Cornell, working as a consultant for multiple projects that also involved fieldwork in Athens, Greece and the Headquarters in Haifa. With a strong educational and professional background in public and international relations and public administration that revolves strongly around her specialty for addressing humanitarian crises, Claudia has been sought for multiple roles in the humanitarian sector. Bringing diverse experience from international organizations including UNICEF, UNHCR and UN Women, as well as a number of different NGOs worldwide, she is now responsible for raising awareness of Humanity Crew's mission and communicating with the public about the importance of our work.



Research Assistant

Ariella is Humanity Crew’s research associate. She earned her B.A in Psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and is currently pursuing her M.D. degree at the Technion – Ruth and Bruce Rappaport Faculty of Medicine. Ariella is responsible for conducting the qualitative analysis of Humanity Crew’s intervention efforts and prepares scientific literature on these findings. She is passionate about working with mental health refugees and hopes to use this foundation of knowledge to help guide her in her pursuit of becoming a psychiatrist.



Technical Advisor & Director

Nizar is Humanity Crew’s technical advisor and director. A software engineer and entrepreneur in profession, Nizar is in charge of managing and developing the technological projects at Humanity Crew. Nizar has been active in political activism and human rights, and being a digital nomad, he has participated in multiple local and international struggles. Nizar holds a BSc degree in Computer Science, currently a Co-Founder and the CTO of a technological startup company.

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