Humanity Crew opened a field base in Thessaloniki, Greece in 2016 in response to the effects of the EU-Turkey deal that left thousands of refugees stranded in Greece. We focused our work on more in-depth interventions during our stay in Thessaloniki, having a strong presence in Diavata Camp, Elpida Center, and the Filoxenia Housing Project.

Our services in each camp and center are described in greater detail below:

  • Diavata Camp: Due to the longer stay of refugees in Diavata Camp, Humanity Crew conducted longer-term,  more comprehensive mental health interventions for people in need. We also constructed a makeshift school for 120 students, allowing children to continue their education. Also, we led activities for both adults and children centered around the arts and drama in order to restore a sense of normalcy and stability.

  • Elpida Center: Elpida Center is a repurposed textile factory that serves as a housing and medical facility.  Humanity Crew conducted cultural mediation workshops, provided support in the medical clinic, and led communal recreational activities.

  • Filoxenia Housing Project: A non-profit housing project initiated for families, Filoxenia Housing Project has provided thus far, 24 refurbished apartments to refugee families. Humanity Crew offered psycho-educational and psychosocial support to the residents of the apartments.

As of 2017 Humanity Crew has paused operations in Thessaloniki, Greece.