Some technologies, such as social media or virtual reality have often been accused of worsening users’ feelings of loneliness. Some new innovations such as service economy platforms or self-driving cars enable users to go without seeing other humans. On the flip side, some technologies can also helpreduce and overcome social isolation or guide meditation. Recently,technology companies have launched apps and software improvements tohelp users monitor time online -- albeit through more technology.

● Who is most at risk suffering mental health consequences from technology? How can we reduce those risks?

● How does technology impact workers, teams and companies? How can we combat isolation at work and at home?

● How could the incorporation of gender considerations into product design deliver more inclusive technology for all?

Moderator: Trisha de Borchgrave, Author and artist Speakers:

Ø Essam Daod, Mental Health Director and Co-Founder, Humanity Crew

Ø Sandrine Coulange, Health Program Director, AXA

Ø Michelle Gilbert, Director of Communicatio

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