Who We Are


Humanity Crew was founded by Adv. Maria Jammal and her husband Dr. Essam Daod, alongside psychologist Mohammad Mansur and other professional volunteers when they had all travelled together to the island of Lesvos in November 2015 at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis. Each day they saw thousands of people fleeing their homeland and making the dangerous journey through sea to Europe.

Working on the shores of Lesvos as a doctor, Essam focused on providing urgent lifesaving treatment and psychological first aid to refugees arriving on boats, while Maria and Mohammad worked in hospitals and camps trying to reunite family members separated during the journey and help people cope with their new reality. Hundreds of people were drowning each week and survivors of this ordeal were placed in temporary camps on the islands. People were in dire need of help and local authorities and government agencies were overwhelmed by the influx.

On their return to Haifa, they were determined to go back to Lesvos to help as soon as possible, but this time to return with force and mobilize more people, funds and equipment. A large and rapid grassroots campaign was launched in Haifa and the Galilee to raise awareness, gather funds and most importantly recruit and train volunteers and mental health professionals to provide help. After being registered as an organization, Humanity Crew began its first mission on the island of Lesvos in November 2015 and worked continuously throughout 2016.

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