The people behind
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Origin Story


In 2015, Advocate Maria Jammal and Dr. Essam Daod, stood on the shore of Lesvos Island. Along with Psychologist Mohammad Mansor and other professional volunteers, they waited for Syrian refugees to arrive in lifeboats.


As a doctor, Essam focused on providing urgent life-saving medical treatment and psychological first aid to refugees. Meanwhile, Maria and Mohammad worked in hospitals and camps trying to reunite families and helping people cope with their new reality.


The dream for Humanity Crew grew out of this experience. Today, we focus our work on forcibly displaced children and their families. We support refugees around the world through direct intervention. We also train others as mental health first responders.

Meet the Crew

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Maria Jammal

Co-founder and CEO
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Dr. Essam Doad

Co-founder & Child Psychologist
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Iara Restrepo Vera

Psychologist & Coach
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Mohammad Mansur

Cofounder & Mental Health Counselor
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Claudia Ro

Outreach and Partnerships Officer
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Joseph Levin

Head of Development and Strategy
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Alba Sabé Dausà

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Trainer, & Mindfulness Expert
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Maram Karawi

Administrative Director & Project Coordinator
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Ariella Maghen

Research Associate
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Dr. Mohamed Omran Abu Shawish

Field Project Manager
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Nizar Ashqar

Technical Director
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Roei Shaul Hillel

Mental Health Director

Our Board

Jozef Atrash

CEO and founder of a kid’s safe edutainment platform

Nizar Ashqar


Dr. Itamar Mann

Senior Lecturer at the University of Haifa, Faculty of Law

Dr. Adel B. Korkor

Physician, Entrepreneur, & philanthropist

Rand Omary

Clinical Psychologist & CEO of Rand Organization

Alaa Shehebar

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Hiba Abu Zarad

Senior Product Manager, Boston Scientific

Our Partners



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